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Transition To Retirement (TTR)


Can you remind me of the advantages of taking the pension payment? I know the pension payment to me is tax free once I’m 60. My understanding is that while I leave it in my Super the earnings get taxed – is this correct? What is the situation if I have the majority of funds as a Pension instead? Are any earning there taxed?

We need to break this down into the simple steps involved in the broader Transition To Retirement (TTR) strategy and its evolution.

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Property in SMSFs, is that really the best option?

SMSF property

Happy to lead you through the pros and cons of property in Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs).

Appropriate I use that expression “cons” as it is potentially being used by “property sales people” to try to flog their latest offerings in a quiet market place.

What they won’t tell you!:

The only real justification I’ve heard around the traps is to try to minimize Capital Gains Tax (CGT), IF, there is an increase in value of the property you purchase (the ATO/Govt is currently looking at in some way closing a perceived loophole with super pensions here);

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